"Walk with Us" Story, 2023

Fall 2022- Lanterns, Tiny Critters and a Collaborative Land Acknowledgement

Students in grades K-4 had the opportunity to work with a local artist-in-residence, Erin Maile O’Keefe.  We started the year with her, creating lanterns and small clay ‘critters’ from the forest to adorn our table at our annual Harvest Dinner.   2nd and 3rd graders also created poetry honoring the forest  that they presented at the event.  The aim was to create a new-found interest and relationship with the forest space in preparation for our map-making journey to come...

Spring 2023- Drafting our Map, Creating our "Walks," Making Art

Then, in the spring, Erin returned for a two-week residency and worked alongside Ms. Suzanne and Ms. Sperling to engage our students in a map-making project that would create various interactive maps of our school forest!  

A small group of students worked together to create our ‘base map.’  They took measurements and carefully plotted out a map that was as accurate as possible– learning about scale, orienteering and how to use symbols and simple drawings to depict areas of the forest.  

Then, each class created their own map.  Working with various themes (animals, senses, poses, riddles, macro-lens views)- each student created a stop along the map (they are marked in the forest on wood-burned tree slices thanks to 3rd grade!).  They also created a piece of art to accompany the stop and adorn their class’ map.

This project is the beginning of continued improvement to our school forest and trail system. Our hope is to bring the community into our space so they can also enjoy our beautiful forest that we are so lucky to have as another classroom!   

CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR MAPS!  We hope to see you in the forest soon!