Partner Poses

First Grade Map- see below for artwork and pose instructions

As you enter the forest space, take a moment to read and reflect on our 3rd graders' Land acknowledgment poem. Written by the 2023 3rd graders.

One person stands with a lean (like a trunk) the other stands behind and uses arms and hands to 'grow' branches out of the other person (trunk)

Stand leaning forward on one foot with your arms spread out like a skinny tree branch blowing in the wind.

Stand facing your partner- clasp hands then raise them over your head like moss holding onto a tree.

Lay down on a fallen log with your arms above your head and your feet stretched out straight- be very still- keep your balance!

Stand back to back with your partner- hold your hands together in a ring shape and lift them up just above your head.

One person stands tall with hands over head.  The other wraps arms around the other person like moss clinging to a tree trunk

Stand side by side and waves hands over head and then down to the ground in unison like leaves falling from a tree to the ground.

Find a spot behind the low hanging hemlock branches. Put your head down (hood up if you have it) and strectch your arms in front of you to look like the branches that are hiding you!

You and your partner stand on either side of a large tree nearby- reach around the trunk to find your partner’s hand- hold hands and become tree friends!

One partner on each side of a tree-- reach your arms up high and lunge your legs to look like you are holding up a tree.  Strong as a trunk!

Stand close together and bend over with your hands reaching to the ground like a fluffy pile of leaves

Facing your partner, bring your hands together over your heads and stretch as TALL as you can together- like our tall, tall “Grandmother (pine) Tree”

Take a moment to hydrate.

See the white pine near you-- it splits in half near the base of it’s trunk-- can you fit your body in between the two trunks?  Do this one by youself- the tree is your partner!

We love our little white pine grove!  The small, fluffy trees make great hiding spots.  How well can you camouflage yourself in the forest? Now, everyone go hide! 

Still have more energy?

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