Macro-Views of the Forest-- zooming in and finding beauty

4th grade map (front).  See below for 'zoomed in' paintings of something at each stop that is nearby.  Can you find it?  

*Answers at bottom of page

As you enter the forest space, take a moment to read and reflect on our 3rd graders' Land acknowledgment poem.  Written by 3rd grade class of 2023.

by Sophie

by Ms. Suzanne and Wyatt

By Giannah

by Mya

by Piper

by Liam

by Kaleigh

by Layla

by Gunner

by Tyler S.

by Clara

by Tyler F.

by Jax

(15) Your turn- find something to ZOOM in on- use a camera to take a photo or use your hands-- make a square with your thumb and pointer fingers to make a ‘viewfinder’-- what patterns, colors and shapes do you see in the macro world?

by Piper

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Answers: (2) pink lichen and hole in tree (3) moss and lichen on tree (4) moss growing near base of tree (5) oak leaf on the ground (6) mushrooms growing on tree (7) fallen log (8) beech tree- where branches meet in middle of tree (9) pine needs in dirt (10) hemlock branch/needs (11) stone in trail (mica flakes that shine) (12) moss growing around the tree branch (13) cross section of where a branch was growing (now sawn off). (14) quartz stone (15) your turn! (16) small pine 'moss' growing on ground