Scavenger Hunt Riddles -- can you find it?

2nd Grade map (front).  See below for artwork and riddles at each stop along the path!

*Answers at the bottom of this page...

As you enter the forest space, take a moment to read and reflect on our 3rd graders' Land acknowledgment poem.  Written by 3rd grade class of 2023.


I am a medium sized animal. I have red on my belly. I make big holes in the trees. (by Lilly)


I am green on top and brown on the bottom. I move in the wind. I stand with my friends. (by Zoey)


I am tiny with little buds.  I am skinny.  I will be big and tall one day. (by Teagan)


I smell like a flower. I am not a flower.  I am little and green. (by Kayden)


Some people think I am poisonous.  I grow on trees.  I am soft and spongy. (by Parker D)


I am spikey.  I am on the ground.  I am surrounded by leaves. (by Parker G-W)


I am so green in the summer and brown in the winter.  I am the one that needs sun.  I am very fun to make with mud cakes. (by Ava)


I am very tall.  I have a little hole inside.  Moss covering left side.  (by Nalani)


I am scratchy.  I have some green.  I am part of a tree.  I am near other trees. (by  Jordyn)


YOUR TURN!  Find something in the forest to notice and make up a riddle about it- can you stump someone?


I am made of wood.  I keep you dry.  I am made by kids. (by Emma)


I used to be alive but now I am gone.  I am standing but I have no leaves.  Someone in the forest likes to rub against me. (by Lincoln)


Hydrate! Water is life.


I spread beneath you.  I drink water.  I trip people when they walk on me. (by Aubree)


I am squishy.  I see pines everywhere.  I am in an open space. (by Owen)

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Answers: (2) woodpecker (holes in tree)  (3) tall white pines (look up!).  (4) sapling tree (buds in spring).  (5) sapling leaves. (6) mushrooms on tree. (7) fallen tree. (8) beech leaves. (9) hole at base of tall tree (possible fairy entrance?!). (10) white pine bark. (11) your turn (12) forts. (13) dead (still standing) tree  (14) drink up! (15) roots above ground on forest floor (16) mossy mound